What Is Honeydew (Black Forest) Honey? An Impeccable Work of Nature

What Is Honeydew (Black Forest) Honey? An Impeccable Work of Nature
November 28, 2016 Boyana Peeva

Unlike regular honey, which the bees produce from the collected flower blossom, honeydew honey, (also known as “black forest” honey), is a product derived by the flawless work of both plant sucking insects (usually aphids) and bees.

Honeydew honey is one of the most exotic and nutritious foods in the world known for its powerful therapeutic properties. What makes it so special is, in no doubt, the way it’s made.

How Honeydew (Black Forest) Honey Is Made

It may sound a bit disturbing to learn that the honeydew honey is made from the poop of aphids parasitizing on the leaves of oak trees (mainly). oak-leaves-bulgarian-bee

The biggest oak forest in Bulgaria is called the Stranja Mountain Oak Massif located in the most southeastern part of the country. It’s the second largest oak massif in Europe, and it’s been declared a national natural reservation area.

The Bulgarian honeydew honey is mainly produced in Strandja and is one of the best in the world. The honeydew honey we offer is not made in our own beehives in northeastern Bulgaria because oak trees are rarely found here. We do, however, work with the best honeydew honey producers from Strandja Mountain to deliver that same excellent quality of raw and non-pasteurized honey – just like the rest of our honey types.

But let’s look a bit deeper into how the honeydew honey is actually composed:

First go the aphids…


While the aphids parasite onto the oak leaves, they perforate the leaves to suck the sap from them. Once ingested, the sap goes through the digestive system of the aphid where it’s enriched with enzymes and released by the rear end of the aphid – back onto the leaf. The released substance is called “honeydew” – a sticky, sweet and rich in vitamins and minerals liquid the bees love to feed with.

Then the bees take over…

So, the bees feed with the honeydew. Once ingested, the honeydew is additionally filtrated and enriched through their digestive tract and then released again.

The final product…

…is what we call “honeydew honey” – a substance derived from oak leaves’ saps and then digested, filtered, enriched and released by two different insects. Unlike other types of honey, honeydew honey has a very dark amber color, which is why it’s sometimes called “black forest” too.

Honeydew Honey’s Health Benefits

For a long time, the Bulgarian beekeepers did not appreciate the honeydew honey. They considered it toxic and unhealthy for both humans and bees. That is because in winter or summertime (when the bee families have huge supplies of honeydew) some of the oldest members are unable to fully digest the heavy honeydew consisting also of ash, mineral salts, bacteria, mold spores, etc. As a result, they get sick of dysentery. That is why the Bulgarian beekepers used to dispense the honeydew.

However, in the past century they were astounded to find out that many German tourists visiting the Black See summer resorts in Bulgaria were looking to buy honeydew honey at prices far higher than those of the regular flower blossom honey. Only then the Bulgarian beekeepers opened up to the health benefits of the honeydew honey and began its production. With proper education and care of the bees, the farmers now manage to grow healthy beehives and collect, rather than dispense, the precious honeydew honey.

What Is Honeydew Honey Good for?

The therapeutic qualities of this product lie in its rich content of salt microelements that have passed through the digestive tract of the aphids and then the bees. Double-filtrated, this substance is perfectly absorbable by humans and is rich in:

  • minerals
  • iron
  • calcium
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus

It has a wonderful healing effect for conditions related to rachitis, muscle weakness, anemia, bone disorder, anorexia, and more. It also has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. It does a perfect job in lowering the blood pressure, stimulating the blood circulation and strengthening the heart. What’s more, it has an anti-tumor effect due to the high amount of antioxidants. Honeydew honey is also good for the respiratory organs, cures virus and flu infections. In short, it’s the perfect booster and healer for our whole system.

Now You Know Why…

Now you know why we call the honeydew honey, or black forest honey, “an impeccable work of nature.” With the greatest respect to trees, bees, aphids and other insects, we collect the most organic honeydew honey and deliver it to you. With love. As usual.

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