Our Story

Who Are We?


When we bought the first beehives 10 years ago, we aimed to produce small quantity of honey just for family use. But honey production demands serious dedication during all stages – from choosing the right location and taking care of the bees to collecting the nectar, processing and packing the honey. So we dived fully into this endeavor and it paid off. We not only enjoyed taking care of our bees and collecting honey from them, but we learnt so much about this product that we absolutely and unconditionally loved it – after all, honey is not called “liquid gold” by chance…
Honey Collection

As time went by…


We multiplied the beehives, grew the honey production and turned it into а family tradition.

Currently, our beehives are located in the virgin forests of Bulgaria– a region in Northeastern Bulgaria, near the town of Dulovo, known for the most pristine air and diverse flora: trees such as honey acacia, honey linden and honey locust along with over 600 wild herbs abound around here.

Love Your Honey…


We collect honey from our own hives and only when it’s fully matured to prevent fermentation. The European Standards for honey allow water content of 20%, while ours barely reaches 16%. We preserve all of its properties essential to the human health by processing it at low temperatures. The final product may be limited in quantity, but it’s thick, pure, raw and healthy.

The Honey Process…


Choosing the Region

The best region for beekeeping provides continuous pasturage for the bees and allows them to collect floral pollen in a natural way.

We chose the region with the most pristine air and diverse flora in Bulgaria. We located the hives in Northeastern Bulgaria, near the town of Dulovo – a region chosen specifically for beehives ever since Soviet times when Bulgaria was a major exporter of honey, herbs and spices.


Looking after the Bees

We interact with the bees as little as possible to ensure a peaceful and natural environment for them.

However, during bad weather, we supply them with food. Sometimes, we remove the excess quantities of honey which they are unable to use, and provide conditions to enlarge their families.


Collecting the Honey

The best time for collecting the honey is when the bees have fully sealed the honey in the comb. Only then the water content is almost fully extracted and the honey is ready to be stored for indefinite time.

Collecting the honey before its due date predisposes it to ferment due to high quantities of water.


Processing the Honey

The honey processing occurs at low temperatures – 10 to 20 C degrees.

We centrifuge the combs in order to unseal them and to extract the honey out of them.

The honey then starts leaking out of the combs, going  through 3 different filters before it reaches the final tray…


Packing and Storing the Honey

We store and pack our honey at a factory where a team of experts constantly checks the air’s humidity and tests for antibiotics, pesticides and other pollutants.

We then pack the honey in jars without any further heating or processing. Independent laboratories analyze the final product only to confirm that our honey is pure and natural.


Bee Healthy, Honey

Our honey is “limited” – we only sell honey that we collect from our own beehives. Unlike mass producers, we do not buy outside production to mix it with ours in order to increase quantity and reduce quality because…

…We love our honey. It’s exactly what our own taste buds crave. It’s pure and healthy. And we enjoy this liquid gold more when we share it with other honey connoisseurs.

Check out our latest goods!

  • Organic Certified Honey

    Bulgarian Bee offers Acacia, Wildflower, Lavender, Black Forest and Linden Honey with organic certification.
  • Black Forest Honey (Honeydew)

    Premium Black Forest (honeydew) honey from Bulgaria.

    Qualities: Organic & Natural Raw, non-pasteurized and pure, free from antibiotics, no additives, no GMO. Packing Size: 275 grams (212 ml), 450 grams (370 ml), 900 grams (720 ml) Black Forest is honeydew honey, which the bees collect from a liquid secreted by specific insects while absorbing sap from the plant. It has less aroma compared to blossom honey, and it’s far richer in water (about 60%), minerals, amino acids, sucrose and fructose. A nutritious elixir with limitless health benefits: Our black forest honey serves as prebiotic, has antibacterial properties, helps eliminate free radicals, nourishes the nerve system, and much more. For wholesale and bulk purchases, email us at: enquiries@bulgarianbee.com
  • Acacia Honey

    Premium Acacia Honey from Bulgaria

    Qualities: Organic & Natural Raw, not pasteurized and pure, free from antibiotics, no additives, no GMO. Packing Size: 275 grams (212 ml), 450 grams (370 ml), 900 grams (720 ml) Our bees collect acacia honey from hundreds of hectares of acacia forests located in a protected for its biodiversity area. This premium quality product tastes like White ball acacia. It does not affect allergies and hay fever due to its low pollen content. Recommended for: • Hemoglobin increase • Stress relief • Brain activity boost For bulk, wholesale and retail purchases, email us at enquiries@bulgarianbee.com Shop Now on Amazon